I’ve been working as a freelance writer since 2001 and have been published in about a dozen major US news papers and magazines. This page is currently under construction.

In the meantime please click on the following links to read some of my work online:

I spent nine months dancing in a Tahitian dance troupe culminating with a performance at To’ata Theater in Papeete. My story appeared as a three-part series on Gadling in June 2010.

Part 1: Getting Hooked

Part 2: Going To To’ata

Part 3: Dancing Towards a New Adventure

Here is my story “Mama Rose’s Coconut Bread” that won the 2007 Silver Solas Award for best story about food and travel. It’s also an editor’s choice on the Travelers’ Tales website.

Here are two of the most recent articles I’ve had published on the Lonely Planet website:

How to Find Your Favourite Hawker Stall in Penang

Live the Dream in Penang’s Heritage Hotels