Living on a remote coral atoll for five years with no phone, plumbing and limited solar electricity prevented Celeste from getting an early start in her writing career – although it sounds idyllic, washing laundry by hand, digging your own well and sustenance fishing takes a big chunk out of one’s day. In mid-2010, ten years after moving back to ‘civilization,’ which was a small village in Tahiti, Celeste re-located to Portland Oregon, USA where she is now trying to come to terms with not being an ex-pat for the first time in her adult life.

Throughout her moves across the great Pacific, Celeste’s travel articles have appeared in major media including the LA Times, Lonely Planet Magazine, and Islands Magazine, she has contributed to over 20 Lonely Planet guidebooks and her award winning travel narratives have appeared in the Travelers’ Tales anthologies The World is a Kitchen and 30 Days in the South Pacific. Having traveled to some 40 countries, she speaks fluent French as well as conversational Spanish, Thai and Indonesian. She is now trying to find an activity in Oregon that can compare to her experiences as a member of a Tahitian dance troupe and distance swimming in aquamarine South Pacific lagoons – she’s thinking the answer might have something to do with snow.

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